Investment Process

At Hume we aim to find the key criteria of successful companies in the context of the market's dynamics. Our process finds businesses whose characteristics identify them as undervalued relative to peers and prospects with catalysts that will initiate a revaluation.

Each manager - analyst is accountable for generating ideas within their areas of responsibility. The best ideas are identified and screened to match the characteristics we seek. With the screened list reviewed by the wider team the ideas are selected for all portfolios where they suit the mandate, the named manager has ultimate responsibility for a portfolio.

Our techniques have developed over different market environments and continue to be enhanced by experience. All our decisions are made with a clear objective and pragmatism at the core.

Managers are responsible for research across a portfolio of sectors and geographies, with ongoing discussion ensuring cross fertilisation of ideas and peer review. At all times our focus is on opportunities for clients' assets to be augmented and maintained.

Each member of our investment team has portfolio construction responsibilities, specialising by product. With product specialists drawing on the expertise of colleagues our clients benefit from the combined experience of our whole team.

Investment Process

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