Bond Funds

Hume's investment managers' core competencies are macro, micro fundamental and market relative value analysis. Our macro analysis establishes our views on relative and absolute market thematic / sector outlook and informs our views on forward rates path / appropriate duration positioning. Our fundamental analysis seeks to understand a business, its drivers and cash flows. We model these micro dynamics in the context of an issuer's / specific issuance's relative value versus its own capital structure and that of its peers, and identify catalysts that we believe will initiate an absolute or relative revaluation of the business.

For our fixed income portfolios Hume's investment managers are generally free to select issuance on an unconstrained basis within the specific mandate and aims of a fund.  Typically, focused portfolios of 25 - 50 holdings are managed with a view to achieving premium risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Our current fixed income mandates include both short and longer-dated Investment Grade (European, US and OECD), and unconstrained (European and Global) portfolios.

Hume International Bond Fund

The aim of the Fund is to provide investors with a considerably higher return than the yield available on cash deposits, combined with a cautious approach to volatility of returns


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